Timing is Everything


So you made the call and finally got your appointment to have your color touched-up...YES!  You've set aside a precious and valuable hour and a half to two hours between dropping the kids off, going to the doctor, going to the post office, picking up groceries, and picking the kids back up.  Some ME time.  How can you squeeze in a little something extra?  We'll tell you how.

It will take your hairstylist about 30-45 minutes to mix and apply your color.  Then you will sit with that color on, while it processes, for about 40 minutes.  Yes, you could use that time to just zone out or read up on celebrity gossip.  Know what else you could do?  Why not schedule a much needed manicure, at the same time as you are sitting there getting your color applied?  Why not schedule a glorious, decadent pedicure (when's the last time you had time for that luxury?) while you are sitting there with your color on and it is processing?  While we're at it, why not go ahead and get your brows cleaned up, after you get your color shampooed out and you are waiting for your blow-out or cut?  Turn your quick salon get-away into a true multi-tasking art form!  Head to toes!  

Let yourself feel a sense of accomplishment when you walk out that door, swinging that fabulous blow-out, knowing that you just multi-tasked like a pro.

Organic Hair Color


Everything you put in or on your skin, counts.  Your skin, including your scalp, is your body's largest organ, your first line of defense against infection, and your body's protection from environmental harm and damage.  Organic hair color is your hair colorists' way of helping you optimize your own health.  Let's talk organic for a minute.

The dictionary defines organic as "of, relating to, or derived from living matter".  The FDA describes it as such:  they (ingredients) must be grown and processed using organic farming methods that recycle resources and promote biodiversity, two key elements of environmentally sustainable agriculture.

That sounds like a description that we, in the salon industry, want to be a part of!

Organic ingredients that can be found in the hair color we use at Salon Sima include a natural, vegetable-derived base, organic oils, vitamins and minerals.  NO permanent hair color line, besides pure Henna, can be described as "all organic".  There will always be a chemical component, but that component, in the color we use at Salon Sima, is also derived from the purest ingredients.

Now, here is what you WON'T find in our Organic color line:
Propylene glycol
Heavy metals

Bottom line, organic hair color is a healthier, greener approach.  And yes, it lasts as long as "regular" hair color.  Please, call Salon Sima today and start your journey with organic hair color.  Your hair, skin, and body will thank you.

Resources: allnutrientprofessional.com

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