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hair extensiones boca ratonGet your dream hair much more quickly and without effort with hair extensions at our hair salon in Boca Raton FL. Salon Sima is a certified Great Lengths salon. Length and volume can now be easily and gently applied without compromising the integrity of your hair. They blend in perfectly with your natural hair and are virtually undetectable.
Great Lengths hair extensions are created from the highest quality Indian Temple hair. They are 100% remy human hair, are available in over 40 vibrant shades to match the color of your own natural hair. Hair extensions allow you to add length, color, highlights, volume and thickness, giving you the hair you've always wanted but never had. At Salon Sima a complete range of hair textures available to suit all hair types.


great lengths hair extensionsQ:  Why are human hair extensions better?
A: Great Lengths only use 100% human hair because they create a more natural look. They are also suitable for most lifestyle activities, and can be treated the same as your natural hair. They can be styled using blow dryers and straighteners, as well as being color treated and permed.
Q. Where does the hair come from?
A. All Great Lengths hair originates from India. The hair is collected from temples where millions of women have gone religiously for over two thousand years to donate their hair. The proceeds are then used to fund schools, and other charitable purposes throughout the community. 
Q: Will hair extensions damage my own natural hair?
A: Great Lengths hair extensions will not damage your hair as long as they are applied properly by a professional, and maintained properly. Our hair is 100% natural and the bond has been formulated using a special blend of polymers that replicate the molecular structure of keratin. Keratin is a protein from which natural hair is made so if your extensions are maintained in the recommended way, no problems should occur.
Q: How long does it take for hair extensions to be applied?
A: This depends on how many extensions you are having and the application system being used. For example with either the Classic or Cold Fusion system you can have half a head of extension applied in approximately 2 hours. However, with the Fast Fusion method this can less than an hour! Your stylist will be able to discuss this with you further at your consultation.
Q: How long will my Great Lengths extensions last?
A: By following our simple maintenance regimen, extensions can last up to 6 - 8 weeks using the Cold Fusion system and up to 5 months with the Hot Fusion system. Our experts will be happy to offer advice on which products will help prolong the life of your extensions.
Q: Are hair extensions difficult to style?
A: Because Great Lengths extensions are 100% human hair they can be treated in just the same way as your own hair –straighten, curl, perm and even color. 
Q: How do the extensions get removed?

A: You need to schedule an appointment at our salon to have your hair extensions removes. We carry a specially formulated Great Lengths removal gel. When this gel is applied it gently breaks down the bond and with the removal tool, your stylist is then able to slide the bond down your own hair with no damage to your own hair.


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