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Experience the best hair extensions in Boca Raton at Salon Sima!  Our beautiful, natural remy extensions are the perfect way to add instant glamour to your style.  In just one appointment, you can have gorgeous length, luxurious volume, as well as beautiful highlights and color effects.    Our application methods are safe and non-damaging to your hair.    We specialize in many different types of custom extensions including tape in, sew in, fusion, microlink, and more.  Our custom clip in extensions imported from Peru are also available to add dramatic length and amazing beauty to your hair.  Fantasy colors, feathers, and other artistic effects can be added for additional touches.  Our stylists have the advanced training to give you outstanding results.  We use only the highest quality natural remy hair for all of our services.

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The Hotheads line is simple, fast, and safe for your hair.  These 100% remy extensions will add gorgeous length and volume to your tresses, and they can be reused up to 3 times.  Incredibly high quality and excellent value.


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Add length and volume to your hair with Great Lengths hair extensions.  Our hair extensions are the most revolutionary extensions in the salon industry.  Great Lengths extensions are 100% pure human hair and are perfectly matched to your hair's texture and density to give you the look and style you desire.


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Cinderella creates beautiful, top of the line, remy hair additions that will add volume and length to your existing style.  Available in over 70 different colors and 3 different hair textures for outstanding variety and options. 



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DreamCatchers from Salon Sima in Boca Raton are no ordinary hair extensions. Worn by celebrity Paris Hilton, these hair extensions are high quality hair extensions that will last up to a year, with maintenance every 6 to 8 weeks.  


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The Halo is one of the world’s most amazing hair extensions, as it has the highest quality and is the simplest and quickest extension to apply. Halo Hair Extensions only use 100% Indian Remy Human Hair as Remy hair is the highest grade human hair and it can achieve the most natural look.




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What is remy hair?

Remy hair is the finest hair available.  Remy extensions are made from high quality hair that has been carefully selected to ensure that the hair cuticles are all going in the same direction from root to tip.  This allows for easy styling and less tangling.  The extensions that we use at our salon are all created from remy hair.

Extensions that do not use remy hair are created from inferior quality hair that has been arranged haphazardly with the cuticle on some strands of hair running in one direction while the cuticle of other strands runs in another.   When this occurs, friction is caused between the opposing hair cuticles, and tangled, matted hair is the result.  Some companies will attempt to strip the hair cuticle and then apply a synthetic layer of silicone over each strand to disguise the poor quality.   After several shampoos, this outer layer of silicone will wear off, exposing an inferior quality hair that will subsequently tangle and will often break due to weakness. 

It is difficult to tell the difference in hair quality, and why it is extremely important to choose a reputable hair salon for your extensions.  Our salon uses only the highest quality extensions to provide our Boca Raton hair salon clients with the very best hair possible. 


Visit Salon Sima in Boca Raton for a hair extensions consultation today!  You'll be amazed at how beautiful you will look and feel!


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